About me

Hello, I’m Kristen Forkeutis, of KFork Design. I make it easier for organizations to seamlessly design contemporary graphics for both print and web. I’m all about helping you reach creative solutions to meet your needs. Aside from making things look good, I also offer strategic guidance and brainstorming power to set you up for success. You’ll feel calm and confident when you experience my ability to form a productive partnership with your team, leveraging my project management abilities, creativity, strong work ethic and easy-going style.

When I’m not in Fork mode, I’m likely at the gym working out, practicing yoga or helping others to do the same as a personal trainer and yoga instructor. In my other free time I might be experimenting with a healthy sugar, wheat, and dairy free dessert, or taking a pencil to paper, which is why I’m a graphic designer to begin with. Ever since I can remember, including the time I took the liberty of painting a giant flower with red nail polish on the side of my parents couch, I was using my hands to create something. I clearly inherited a creative bug.

So you might wonder, why did I graduate from Cornell University with a degree in Natural Resources Management? At age 18 I didn’t know what I wanted. Though, I was always interested in plants, animals and the environment around me and that’s what resonated in my artistic endeavors. However, after some good soul searching, I soon realized how important it was to pursue my creative passions. So, New York City and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) became my new home to learn and live DESIGN. Since then, I’ve worked in Brooklyn and upstate New York, took a tour through Central and South America for 8 months, and finally moved to San Diego in February of 2013. Next up on the horizon is a move to Bellingham, WA in the Pacific Northwest come summer of 2018.   

My ultimate goal is to use my creative energy to help organizations invested in fostering a better world for all living beings. If you’re intrigued by what I can do for you and your team, send me an email below or call me at 917 727 0855. I look forward to partnering with you on your next project!